It’s all about the kids!

As a parent we all know, want and hope our kids are the next coming of Mickey Mantle, Jack Nickolas or Serena Williams.  First off, if they make a lot of money, we can retire!  Ah, noble indeed.  But the truth is, we do it because we love our kids, we see a little bit of ourselves in them and we want them to be happy.  I cried when my son was named First Team Starting Pitcher in High School.  This after he went 11-1 in two years on varsity missing 4 games with a broken collarbone.  An unfortunate motorcycle spill, but that’s a blog for another day. But, who wouldn’t want to hear more about that incident?

We want them to have fun and we want to be a part of that.  We do it because we are supposed to and are good, responsible parents.  But it is soooo hard!  There are not enough hours in the day, not enough seats in the van or juice boxes in the refrigerator to get it all in.  What is a parent to do?  We do what we’ve always done.  Hustle.  We hustle here, there and everywhere.  We make calls, we organize and we go, go, go.

And we know you have great ideas so we need to hear from you.  Give us your best way to pack a mini-van, organize a car pool or shop for equipment.  We want all of you parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and your kids to send us pictures, articles, quotes, stories, etc so we can share them with the world.  What better way to find best practices on raising kids, playing sports, etc than to share your favorite stories with us and we will post them on Team mom-n-dad.

Remember, “We’re all in this together.”