Do you read People Magazine?  You should.  All right, this is not an ad for People Magazine.  I read a great People Magazine article that can help parents be the best they can be.

The story that got me thinking, that magazine is more than just pictures of movie stars walking on the beach.

It’s also a magazine that shows a little bit about them behind the scenes… meaning with their kids.  It’s great to see them in the real world.  I am not a paparazzi lover by any stretch of the imagination and that’s a story for another blog, but here’s what I want to talk about.

I read a great story in an old issue of People Magazine.  Alright, I am still a little behind on my reading, but better late than never.  This particular story was following up on the People Magazine Teacher of the Year.  They profiled five teachers in particular.  I read the touching stories of how, why, when, where and what drove these wonderful people to become teachers.  I was really impressed to say the least.  How can you not be?  These people, very simply, devoted their lives to being TEAM MOM-N-DAD, literally!  And this is what we at TMND are all about and it is clearly what you’re all about.  You may not think of yourselves as a “teacher” in the strictest definition but you are.

Support is what we all need, young and old, in everything we do to enjoy life more.

And you may not feel the rewards quite like teachers do.  Just doing the math, they are teaching at least 20 kids, every class and doing it six times a day.  So they open themselves up to enjoying a lot of successes.  Your rewards as a parent are fewer and farther between.  But you have them and you are teachers!

Here’s a link to the full story.

We encourage you to read it.  It is really inspiring and these teachers are just like you.  They are Team mom-n-dad, helping nurture, growing and supporting kids of all ages in all disciplines.  One of the great aspects of the story is the diversity in the five teachers profiled.  There is a mechanical engineering teacher.  A music teacher, a science teacher, a special education teacher and a leadership teacher.  All things you do each and every day!

Team mom-n-dad is all about everything and anything your kids do.  So what do your kids do and how do you help.  Tell us today!


Remember, “We’re all in this together.”