Happy Campers come from Happy Parents and Happy Kids

Family camping is the ultimate family fun.

We made it through another 4th of July!

Like I always say, Team mom-n-dad is all about family and what’s more family than camping?  I know there are a lot of campers who just go with friends, but I will guarantee you that 90% of people 20-30 who are camping with friends, grew up camping with their families.

After this weekend at Wolf River Campgrounds in New London Wisconsin there were plenty of both.

The problem with our camping is the time goes too fast.  We played cards, games, went tubing, sat around the campfire and ate way too much food.  But if we had two more days, we could have done even more.  So I say every weekend should be a camping weekend!

Follow Team mom-n-dad to all the greatest campgrounds and have a ball!

But the best part is doing it together.  Because doing it with lots of people means there is always someone to do something with.  If you want to play cards, there are enough people to do that.  You want to play bean bag toss, grab three friends and you’re there!  And when it comes to eating, there is no better way to feed twenty people than having help.  And our group is no different.  Our moms all emailed and talked about menus and made lists weeks ahead of time so the meals all came off without a hitch.

This is not an ad for the Wolf River Trips & Campgrounds, but if you live anywhere within a couple hundred miles of this place, check it out.  Wolf River Trips

One of the great things about this campground is the diversity.  From College students, to groups of friends to families, there is something for everyone.

We cook EVERYTHING over the fire!

Remember, families who play together, stay together.  Tell us where you went for the holiday weekend and share your tips for travel with Team mom-n-dad.

Remember, “We’re all in this together!”