Chad, always kind of a loner, first picked up a club at age 7 with a set of “Tommy Armour” golf clubs that his dad had cut down.  And since then has never looked back.  Although he kind of wishes he hadn’t done that, Chad says with a smile.

“They were given to me by my Grandfather, who, until his passing at age 89, still shot in the low 90’s.  Knowing what I know now, those clubs would probably be worth some money.”

Like a lot of kids, Chad played sports throughout his childhood but excelled at, and enjoyed golf the most.  Fresh in his mind is the countless hours spent chipping balls from one side of the yard to the other.  His short game is still one of his strongest skills on the course.

As with many youngsters with that competitive spirit, sometimes frustration got the best of him.  To this day, there is still a cut down Tommy Armour 8 iron sitting at the bottom of that backyard pond.

Chad, like his brother Brandon, always wanted to be the best and credits mom and dad for the hundreds of trips to the golf stores, the lessons and the outings they made happen.

When Brandon came up with his idea for Team mom-n-dad, Chad jumped on board immediately.  “I am living the life I am because my parents support me.  There are lots of parents doing the same thing. Brandon’s idea is a perfect connection between them and their kids.”