Mom, all of the other kids got a new skateboard, why can’t I?

We all know that when our kids get a bug up their you-know-what for something, they always want the best.  I know because my wife and I have wrestled with this through our parenting years.  I was always a firm believer that if you are to learn how to do something, you want to learn on good equipment.  There are, of course, a few schools of thought.  School one, for example, is you buy the best skateboards and the equipment will help make your player better.  School two, is you buy cheap to see if your child likes the sport.

Even buying ice skates may take a bit of homework!

Of course, if you are trying to learn baseball with a broken 2 x 2 and electrical tape for a grip, it is going to be hard to learn. This may result in your child failing and quitting.

I think it’s a fine line which can be debated for years and I am not here to defend either one.  At the end of the day YOU have to decide how much you want to spend and whether or not that money will be WELL SPENT or will $500.00 in golf clubs sit in the basement when your son or daughter loses interest.

Kids ALWAYS “want” more than they “need” and Team mom-n-dad always has to pay.

I posted this question on LinkedIn and got some really solid info.  So all you skateboarder parents… or any skateboarders of any age really, read and learn!  As always, we edit these for a space.  BEFORE you stop reading because your kids are not boarders, simply replace skateboard with golf clubs, electric guitars, hockey gear.  Any equipment your kids need.

If a parent were going to buy their kid a skateboard, where would they start?

Todd Nelson had this great advice:

It can depend on age, weight, height etc….but a visit to your local skate shop will most likely net all the answers you need.  I have seen little kids riding full size boards, bigger kids riding minis.

I have two boards, a Frankie Hill Re-Pop Mini and an 8.25 Ray Barbee. I’m 5’9″ and weigh 180……it’s all in what they are comfortable with.  With so many names and brands, it’s easy for them to get something that might not work for them, but is endorsed by their favorite skater.  So try to push them to not buy on looks (since it’s so easy for kids to get lost in the brands and names).  There are some great deals to be had online, but visiting a brick and mortar shop is going to give you the best results and a happy kid!!!!!

There are also a lot of pre-assembled boards coming from manufacturers now that shops are selling for $80-$100 dollars, they have quality trucks, bearings and wheels and are a great value.

Todd also added something that Team mom-n-dad can all relate to: “Jack, as I get older, I learn that my experiences were a little different from kids nowadays.  I have a 10 year old that would rather skate on Xbox than the real thing.  The Xbox has mysteriously been disabled a few times forcing him to experience the outside world. Lol

Kurt Hurley added that depending on the age and motives of the child (if they have any yet), that soft wheels are key. Longboard is definitely an option.  They are more stable and won’t stop if you run over a rock or a crack.  John Davies advised against generic ‘toy branded’ boards which tend to lack quality and longevity.

Buy too cheap – buy twice.

When I was little I had a plastic board, no frills but lots of fun.  I see the 22″ plastic retro Penny Board is proving popular and fun – I’m thinking of buying one to take my boys back to the 70’s.

Go to a site like:  They have a section on their site that will show you what deck size is the proper size for your kids.

Of course, there is all the necessary safety equipment; so visit Team mom-n-dad again soon when we post a story on the good, the bad, the natty and the gnarly on Safety gear.

So there you have it!  When you hear, “Dad, Mom, I want a skateboard,” this summer, you’ll know what to do.

AND I REPEAT:  If you’re not boarders, simply replace skateboard with golf clubs, electric guitars, hockey gear.  Any equipment your kids need.


Remember:  “We’re all in this together!”