In the mountains of Colorado, Brandon can never get enough of the great outdoors.

 “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  That’s a quote from 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player, Michael Jordan and kind of Brandon’s motto. Ever since he was young, he was driven to be the best in every sport he gravitated toward. While not always reaching the top, he always gave 110%. His commitment, energy and infectious personality drove him and he always took advantage of any and all those around him.

Brandon grew up in a small town in Wisconsin just a 4-Iron from Little Switzerland Ski Hill. There he taught himself to snowboard. With the support of his parents, he got very good at it. When his aspirations changed to racing go-karts, playing baseball and golfing, his parents were there every step of the way.

As a family, there was never a dull moment between Brandon’s aspirations at whatever he did and the 24/7 support he was given by his parents.

Brandon firmly believes that parents are critical to a kids success. But as he grew, he realized that when it comes to training, a personal coach is the key.  It can take any sporting aspiration to the next level. Maybe even make their kids dream of becoming a star athlete a reality.

He then moved on to college and became a snowboarding coach for the G-Team in Minnesota.  It was there he realized that there are thousands of kids in need of all levels of coaching.  But where to find them and how do we hook them up with students?  Then it hit him after a trip to Lake Tahoe for the National Competitions.  Develop an online tool where parents can go to get find coaches, in any sport!

So Team mom-n-dad and Youth Sports Coach Locator was born!