Sounds like a parenting story doesn’t it?  Well, all stories we do are parenting stories.  But as you know, Team mom-n-dad is not just about sports.  And with spring just around the corner, it’s time for spring projects.  And we at Team mom-n-dad firmly believe that when parents and kids work together, everyone benefits.

There was a great article in the June 2013 issue of Popular Mechanics and their cover story,  “127 things my dad taught me.”  It’s a great story in a great magazine.  A few issues before that there was a story, “Ten Tips to Hanging Shelves.”  I have hung 100’s of shelves, but boy did I learn a lot, and at my age!

Anyhow, this cover story was really a compilation of quotes and memories of notable people and things their fathers taught them.  Obviously there was plenty to learn, but what really caught my eye was this story:

“10 Tools Every Kid Should Learn To Use” (pg 106)

Rather than rewrite the whole article, here’s the tool list and a link to PM magazine.

Hammer, Needle-Nose Pliers, Pocketknife, Handsaw, Ladder, Soldering Iron, Cordless Drill, Jigsaw, Chainsaw and Circular Saw.

As the story reflects, some of these tools are serious tools and only you and your kids can decide if they are ready.  I first used a circular saw when I was about 10, and it scared me to death, but I got through it.  You might start your kids at a younger or older age.

Then, at the bottom of the article was a tip from Timothy Dahl, founder of

“As soon as kids can read numbers, they can use a tape measure.  Start by rounding off to the nearest inch; teach graduations later.  Even younger children can get involved.  Kids like to pull the other end of the tape while you take measurements.  They enjoy being involved in that process.” 

Then, as I thought about it, my grandson Colin, not only likes to sweep and clean up, he loves to work a tape measure as well.

The best way is to work together, do it a lot and enjoy every moment.  My granddaughter is six and loves to sweep and shovel and burn scraps of wood in the burning barrel.

Check out the PM website!

Remember, we’re all in this together.